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  Kevin  Training at Bita Lima's School  In Teresopolis Brazil
Kevin McCarthy left for Brazil on July 7,2008 He is training at Bitta Lima's Gym . Kevin is there learning Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Kevin's training is very intense. Training sometimes 7 days a week and living in a country so different from his own. We have only talked to kevin a few times since he has left.  He says that he loves it in Brazil and everyone is so nice there. He says it is a beautiful country and wishes some day that everyone  gets to have the experience that he is having. We would like to Thank everyone in Brazil that is making this experience possible. Thanks to  Marcos Santos ( for all he has done for Kevin. Kevin would also like to extend his gratitude and love that he has for his trainer, mentor and friend Tommy McGonigal. With out his great training and dedication to me this experience would of never been a reality. We will keep you posted with new up dates.             

Sept.7th 2008 Kevin took 2nd place in his first competition. Copa Serra Tere Ju-Jitsu Competition in Teresopolis Brazil Great Job Kevin we are all so proud of you.  Keep up the good work.

 UPDATE 9/2/2008 -Kevin is a blue belt in  ju-jitsu and has been tapping out purple belts and over the weekend he tapped a brown belt. This is such an accomplisment. Thanks to all the great training from his instructor above-Tom McGonigal. Also  Marcos Santos ( and Bitta Lima in Brazil.


 Kevin in Brazil at Bitta's School with some of the students!

UPDATE 10/12/2008- Kevin returned home from Brazil today. He has been training for over the past 3 months at Bitta Lima's School which is a Gracie Barra School it is ranked one of the best school's in Brazil.
       Mestre Adilson "Bitta" Lima has 35 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitse & Mixed Martial Arts. He is a world BJJ Champion,Pam American Champion,MMA Champion in Brazil and Japan. His school has numerous Pan American winners.  It is an honor to train is such a school.

           Check out the Pictures from kevin's adventure in Brazil on the photo page. 




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